Use a chart to see the future!

You don’t need a crystal ball to know that in Iowa our summers are going to be hot and muggy. Use the chart found on your invoice to see last year’s electric and water usage to anticipate the seasonal increases before they arrive.

The charts above show the monthly usage history for the past year, and how normal usage increases for both water and electric in the summer. Electric usage increases as the weather warms up due to air conditioning, fans, increased electronics usage, and appliances like freezers and refrigerators working harder to keep their contents cool

Many customers will also see a bump in water usage in the spring and summer while they enjoy planting gardens and flowers and doing other summertime tasks and activities like watering the grass, power washing the house and deck, and filling up the wading pool for the kids. Please review your own usage chart, so you can plan for and adjust your budget to stay ahead of these seasonal increases.

For questions about your bill or usage, call the IMU Customer Service Center at (515) 961-9444, Option 2, or stop by the office at 210 W 2nd Avenue during regular business hours.