It has been proven that creating and administering sustainability/conservation programs is much more cost effective than building infrastructure to serve the growing demand for resources. In an effort to promote sustainable community growth IMU has implemented utility programs aimed at maintaining, and ultimately reducing, the amount of electricity, water and natural gas resources being used in our community. These programs are briefly outlined below.

Renewable Energy Credit Program

Renewable Energy Credits, also known as green tags, represent the environmental attributes of power produced from renewable energy resources. IMU has purchased 4,800Mwh of wind generated renewable energy and their associated credits, to be placed in a pool and made available to our customers.

Home Energy Audits

IMU has partnered with Mid American Energy to provide free home energy audits. Both electric and natural gas measure will be evaluated, after which customers receive a recommendation for improvements along with incentives available through each utility.

Economic Development Incentive Program

The goal of this program is to effectively encourage new utility usage growth within IMU service territories. Use of utility funds is limited to construction of public infrastructure or forgiveness of all, or a portion of, private service installation.

Landfill Gas Attributes

A base load renewable energy resource. Methane, or landfill gas, is formed as refuse slowly decomposes. It is then collected and converted into electricity.