We at IMU are proud of our long history of serving the Indianola community.  As a public power community, we all enjoy local governance and control in providing reliable, responsive, not-for-profit services.  Public power utilities are directly accountable to the people they serve and reflect hometown values and characteristics. Other benefits of community ownership include competitive rates, community involvement, not-for-profit operations, public accountability, local decision-making, and full attention to customer service.  Our workforce consists of mostly Indianola residents and we take personal pride in serving the Indianola community.

Indianola’s publicly owned utility has served the community for over a century, beginning with electric service in 1890.  Although there have been many changes in the way of industry standards, technology and equipment over the years, the ability to provide our customers with the most cost-effective, reliable service possible has remained consistent.  


Electric Utility

  • 1890, the original, steam operated plant is established
  • 1927, two diesel engines are placed into service
  • 1944, a third diesel unit increases generating capabilities by 70%
  • 1970, the downtown plant houses six diesel powered generators
  • 1976, the first Frame 5 combustion turbine is installed
  • 1998, the second Frame 5 combustion turbine is installed
  • 2006, a second, 69kV substation is put into service
  • 2011, a third 69kV source is operational

Water  Utility

  • 1905, water supply is drawn from the South River
  • 1932, the first above ground water tower was constructed
  • 1933, the first iron removal and softening plant is constructed
  • 1955, the first deep water well is drilled to the Jordan Aquifer
  • 1964-66, a second deep water well is drilled and a second tower is constructed
  • 1970, the original treatment plant is upgraded to a more advanced system
  • 1976, a third deep water well is drilled
  • 1995, a third water tower is constructed
  • 1997, the current water treatment facility is constructed
  • 2003, a fourth deep water well is drilled

Telecommunications  Utility

  • 1997, a municipally owned broadband communications utility is created
  • 1998, an independent fiber optic network is constructed
  • 2002, IMU contracts with a service provider to offer wireless internet service
  • 2006, a fiber to the premise partnership is formed
  • 2010, residential fiber build-out is begun. Approximately 25% of the community is built out
  • 2012, first residential triple-play service activated
  • 2015, a feasibility study is conducted to bring fiber to the rest of Indianola
  • 2017, construction of fiber extension begins
  • 2018, IMU Fiber services available