MEAN Embraces Clean Energy Future with Carbon Neutrality Vision

Last month we traced the electricity’s journey to your home. MEAN (the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska) plays a key role in that journey, bringing energy to Indianola. After that, IMU takes over to deliver it directly to your home. This month let’s go behind the scenes and explore exactly how MEAN powers our community.

The Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN) is committed to a sustainable future, aiming for a carbon-neutral power supply portfolio by 2050. This ambitious goal aligns with the vision set by the Board of Directors in 2020.


It means achieving net-zero carbon emissions, either by eliminating them or balancing them with carbon removal like tree planting or technological solutions.

MEAN’s dedication to clean energy is evident in its ongoing efforts:

  • Investing in renewable resources: This includes constructing Nebraska’s first utility-scale wind project near Kimball. Today, over 50% of MEAN’s resource portfolio comes from non-carbon sources, including federal hydropower allocations for member communities.
  • Recent milestones:
    • Contracting for the entire output of the new, expanded Kimball Wind Project (30 megawatts).
    • Expanding opportunities for larger renewable projects through the Renewable Distributed Generation Policy.
    • Extending a 20-year wind energy contract with the Wessington Springs Wind Energy Center.

MEAN's diverse energy portfolio includes:

  • Baseload and variable generation: This mix incorporates coal, nuclear, natural gas, hydro, wind, and landfill gas.
  • Joint ownership: MEAN partners with other utilities for baseload generation.
  • Power purchase agreements: MEAN procures energy from various sources.
  • Network resources: These designated resources contribute to overall system reliability.