Budget Billing – No More Fluctuating Utility Bills!

Tired of fluctuating utility bills? Budget Billing is here to help!

One predictable monthly payment, all year round. Say goodbye to worrying about high bills in winter or summer. Budget Billing smooths things out by averaging your past year’s usage and creating a consistent monthly payment amount.

Ready to sign up?

  • You must have been billed at your current residence for at least one year.
  • All bills and payments must be current.
  • Automatic payment withdrawal from your checking or savings account is required.

Here's the process:


Sign up anytime! Just contact us.


On March 1st of each year:

• We review your account.
• Any remaining balance is added to your 1st March bill.
• Any credit you have is applied to that same bill.
• We estimate your upcoming year’s usage based on the past year.


This estimated usage determines your new monthly payment amount for the next year. Enjoy predictable payments and peace of mind!

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