Save Money and Stay Cool

With the NOAA predicting an abnormally hot summer, this month’s newsletter with tips on keeping cool becomes even more important. Your AC will be working harder than ever this season, so make sure you’re prepared!


Adjust your ceiling fan direction:

Run it clockwise in the winter (low speed) and counter-clockwise in the summer to push cool air down.


Lower your water heater temperature:

Reduce it to under 120 degrees to save on water heating costs.


Minimize fan use:

Only run kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans when needed to avoid conditioned air loss.


Unplug unused electronics:

This saves energy from standby power draw.


Plant shade for your AC unit:

Trees or shrubs can improve efficiency by 10%.


Replace furnace pilot light:

Install an intermittent ignition device to use fuel only when needed.


Block summer sun:

Use awnings or overhangs to shade south-facing windows.


Clean air filters monthly:

Dirty filters make your AC work harder.


Close fireplace dampers tightly:

This prevents cool air loss.


Consider attic ventilation:

It can cool your home at a lower cost than AC.


Thermostat placement:

Keep it away from heat sources like lamps or TVs.

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