WiFi 6 is here!

Finally, better coverage for wide open spaces

So many buzzwords, so little time. You may have heard of WiFi 6, a new generation of WiFi networks. No matter where you are, upgrading your router and home or office network to WiFi 6 can improve your connectivity, coverage range, and more. But now there’s a new protocol - WiFi 6E - and it may live up to its hype. So, what is it, and why is it so exciting?

WiFi 6E, explained

For connectivity over broad geography, WiFi 6E is a big step up. It’s a new band of available spectrum that offers real connectivity benefits, especially for farmers increasingly using technology to monitor crops and make decisions. According to Baseline Magazine:

“WiFi 6E offers low latency and faster data rates and provides up to 7 channels with 160 megahertz (MHz) essential for high-bandwidth applications... Locating it in the 6 GHz spectrum, WiFi 6E processes more data than in the limited spectrum of WiFi 6E, which is in the 5GHz range. WiFi 6E supports technologies with higher round-trip latency requirements, such as IoT, unified communications, cloud computing, telepresence, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR).”

WiFi 6E benefits 

  1. Improved connectivity: Wi-Fi 6E can provide faster and more reliable connectivity in rural areas where internet access may be limited or inconsistent. This can be particularly useful for farmers who use wireless technology for precision agriculture, such as using sensors to monitor soil moisture or crop growth.
  2. Better coverage: Wi-Fi 6E can improve coverage in large or complex farm environments, such as in greenhouses or in fields with obstructions. This allows farmers to collect more data and make better decisions.
  3. Increased capacity: Wi-Fi 6E can support more devices simultaneously, and advantage for farms that use a lot of wireless devices like drones, cameras, or weather sensors.
  4. Reduced interference: Wi-Fi 6E uses advanced technologies to reduce interference from other devices on the network. This can help prevent data loss or slowdowns in areas where many wireless devices are in use.
  5. Better battery life: Wi-Fi 6E includes features like Target Wake Time (TWT) that can improve battery life for wireless devices. This can be useful for farmers who use battery-powered sensors or devices in remote areas.


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