Top 6 Ways IMU can make your May!

Six quick tips to get you primed for summer cooling and water use!

1: Fill your Pool - Rent a Sewer Reduction Meter, and IMU will credit your account for the sewer cost of that water. $25 for a 2 week rental

2: Set it and forget it watering -  Keep your gardens watered and your grass or new sod green all summer with a permanently installed Irrigation Meter, and don’t pay sewer costs for any water used outside. $650

3: Take advantage of cooling rebates - Are you upgrading your cooling system? Check our website for details on Rebates for certain systems, and you may receive a credit on your invoice.

4: Trim your trees - Do you have a project that includes trimming or removing trees near power lines? IMU electric department can drop the power line in the area so you can safely trim or remove too close branches.

5: Light up the streets - Are your early mornings or late evening walks too dark because a street light is not functioning? Make note of the closes address, and call our office, and we will put in an order for repair.

6: Tune up your budget billing - Customers impacted by any rate or usage increases need to give us a call to increase the budget billing amount being deducted.


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