Project 700

IMU will assist customers that wish to bring their overhead electric service line and service entrance up to current codes by placing the service line underground.  For approved locations, IMU will pay the lesser amount, $700 or 50%, toward the cost of work related to the service line and service entrance only.  The customer will be responsible to the electrician for any costs above the amount paid by IMU and for any other work performed.


Customers must contact IMU at (515) 961-9444 for a pre-approval inspection.  IMU’s field coordinator will complete the initial inspection and recommend approval or denial.  Notice of approval or denial will then be sent to the customer.  If approved, an agreement form is required from the customer acknowledging they are responsible to the electrician for any charges not eligible under the program.  All work must be performed by an electrician who is licensed by the State of Iowa.  Once work is completed a final inspection is required by the IMU field coordinator.  Upon successful completion and receipt of an itemized invoice, payment will be made to the property owner.