IMU Fiber Beats 5-Year Goal in 3 Years

Recently, IMU Fiber connected customer number 2,745, reaching its 5-year customer goal 22 months early.

“It’s been a very busy three years” said Communications Superintendent Kurt Ripperger. “To think that in the summer of 2017 we were just commencing construction of the outside fiber plant, to already have close to 2,900 customers  is unbelievable.”

IMU Fiber accomplished everything with a full-time staff of just seven people. “We’re a small utility,” said Ripperger. “This shows the determination and dedication of our employees to provide the very best communication services to Indianola residents. It also shows the overwhelming commitment from our customers who from day one have supported our utility.”


The Fiber Utility in its present form was launched in August of 2017 after a feasibility study that determined Indianola residents were lacking reliable high speed internet service and considered it as important of a service as electricity and water. At that time, work began on installing 54 miles of conduit that would carry over 60 miles of fiber optic cable to every corner of Indianola. In October of 2018, 14 months after the project began, IMU Fiber connected its first customer. 

From there things ramped up quickly. Customer 100 was connected in December of 2018. Number 500 in April of 2019 and then customer 1,000 three short months later in July. In less than a year, the number topped 1,700.

“At the end of the year when we went back and looked at the numbers, we realized that we had averaged adding a new customer every 70 minutes of every working day” Ripperger stated. 

2020 brought new challenges to the utility as the COVID pandemic increased the demand for high speed internet, as working and schooling from home became a necessity. The utility added over 750 new customers in 2020 after a short pause to plan for acceleration in customer demand for fiber service.

Today and the Future

IMU believes that broadband is an essential part of overall community sustainability and growth. IMU Fiber is proud to be able to provide you with the best in internet, TV and phone service. We continue to grow and expand and look forward to continuing to provide you with top exceptional service in the future. While we currently offer internet speeds for residential customers up to 1Gb, our system and network is designed to offer even higher speeds in the future.

If you are considering a move to IMU Fiber please contact us at 515-961-9444 or visit the Fiber page to learn more.