Call IMU to remove equipment before your next home project

Fall is the season to squeeze in those last few home improvement projects. You probably know to call Iowa One Call at 811 before you dig in the yard to make sure you don’t hit any underground utilities, but did you know you also need to call IMU to remove equipment that may be attached to your home before you paint, put up siding, or replace windows?

The fiber optic cable and the optical network terminal that connect your communications services to your home may need to be moved to avoid damage. Often the IMU Fiber demarcation box is connected to your siding. Excessive bending or pulling of fiber cable can cause damage and performance issues.

Call IMU at least five business days prior to the start of your project to schedule an appointment to remove cables and boxes from your house. Our local technicians will come to your home or business and safely remove all IMU hardware so you or your contractor can complete the work. Once your project is complete, call IMU to reattach your equipment. We will test everything to make sure it’s working properly before we leave.

It’s critical to have your hardware removed by a trained IMU technician. Broken or damaged equipment will result in charges to you for labor, materials, and equipment to repair the damage. Most equipment can be safely removed free of charge. Call customer service at 515-966-9444 to schedule your appointment.