NBC Sports Chicago Channel 39 and NBC Sports Chicago Plus Channel 40 to be Removed from TV Lineup February 1.

As a community-owned cable system, we work to satisfy the wide range of customers’ viewing preferences and deliver the best value for your dollar. 

Starting in 2020, NBC Sports Chicago will no longer broadcast Chicago Cubs games. The Cubs have chosen to form their own independent sports network, the Cubs Marquee Sports Network. The Marquee Network will broadcast most Cubs regular season games. IMU Fiber has negotiated and signed a contract with Marquee Sports Network, and we will have that channel available when the it launches later in February. 

Even as they lose the Cubs games, NBC Sports Chicago is still demanding a significant monthly fee to provide the network to IMU Fiber customers. They also refuse to allow us to place the channel on a sports tier for customers who want the network. Rising network fees are the main reason cable and satellite TV bills go up from year to year. If we retained NBC Sports Chicago, the cost to IMU Fiber customers would be over $45,000 per year. 

IMU Fiber understands the importance of Chicago Cubs baseball to our customers. We will continue coverage of the Cubs with the Marquee Network, but we understand that some customers may be disappointed in the decision to discontinue carriage of NBC Sports Chicago. IMU Fiber tries to avoid dropping channels. However, we believe it is a necessary step this time to keep cable service affordable.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding our TV channel lineup, please email us at support@imufiber.com.